Who is Urmet Metal?

The main function of our business is to collect and allocate the scrap cable and scrap waste and benefit from its recovery into production. Also, our business trades scrap copper, scrap cable, aluminium, bronze, red yellow, zinc, yellow scrap etc.

Best Price Guaranteed

As Urmet Metal, we act with the ‘‘win-win’’principle and give our business partners the best price guarantee. You can follow our prices in the Prices tab.

Work Safety

We are trying to protect ourselves from the dangers and conditions that may harm health and to create a more humane work environment in our factory.

Recycling Documentary

Scrap Collection and Sorting

We are also active in collecting the wastes generated in the environment and in the factories and recycling them without harming the nature.

Semi- finished products

As Urmet Metal Industry, in addition to our scrap trade, we also sell products and semi-finished products produced from these scraps that we trade.

Import and Export Of Scrap

Our company also operates in the field of import and export of the products that it buys and sells in the sector. It purchases scrap from various countries of the world, and exports many non-ferrous metals from our country to abroad as well as imports.

Cable Recycling

As Urmet Metal Recycling ind. trade. co. ltd., we have been serving since 2012 in cable recycling, which is our main activity. We collect the end-of-life scrap cables and reuse them in our recycling facility in Silivri, without chemically changing the copper and plastic, without harming the nature and the environment.

Dangerous Waste Recyclıng

Our company, which has dangerous waste licenses, is also active in the collection of hazardous metal wastes and recycling of these wastes. Each hazardous waste has its own recycling methods.

End Of Lıfe Factory Removal

With our professional team, we fully fulfill the requirements of recycling by ensuring the dismantling of factories that have expired in the fastest way with contract workmanship.

Shıp Dısconnectıng and Scrap

In addition to the scrap metal trade, Urmet Metal Industry carries out ship dismantling activities, and continues to work in this sector by dismantling the purchased ships in the ship dismantling facilities located in İzmir's Aliağa district, either by joint projects or by contract labor.

Second Hand Machinery Purchase and Sale

Şirketimiz geri dönüşüm faaliyeti dışında, ikinci el makine alımı ve satımı sektöründe faaliyet göstermektedir.

Social Services

Urmet Metal community service policy; It is built on the principles of full and equal enjoyment of human rights and freedoms, gender equality, social inclusion, respect for differences and sustainable development. Service to society at community service policy; It is carried out through activities such as research, projects, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, training and summer schools aiming at empowering vulnerable groups, raising awareness about social problems and strengthening the capacity of civil society, public sector and private sector in these areas. Community service policy provides a safe space where all social issues can be discussed.

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